Single frauen halle

durch  |  20-Nov-2016 02:06

Aiming straight at the heart of the dancefloor Format: B are back for 2017 with their brand new single on Formatik Records, proving the fact that there are indeed „Not Enuff“ of their tunes out there as both dancers and DJ's from countries all over the globe always express a continuous demand for more.

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A reminiscence of long gone, energetic days- full of sounds and samples which will imply tears of memories as well as the ultimative urge to make you want to move.

"Panther" breaks the beats and the momentarily dominating rules of production, convincing through beauty & roughness.

With this tune Format B are fusing the energy of those early days with today's most modernist production values to cause incredible dancefloor mayhem within a little more than 360 seconds It's always great to welcome old friends to your beloved home and that's why we're incredibly pleased to finally announce the release of Moonbootica's ''Above Your Trouble E. After sharing the decks and stages on the event circuit on quite a few occasions it's now about time for the two great Hamburg-based party animals to contribute to the Formatik Records catalogue and they're bringing in the bangers.

The title track ''Above Your Trouble'' brings in quite a lot of pumping big room potential for this season and adds the right amount of glitz to set the roof on fire when climax after climax after climax sends punters into screaming ecstasy.

Wir sind Frauen, die in vielen Bundesländern Deutschlands Selbsthilfegruppen gegründet haben.

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