Single burger milano mcdonald

durch  |  04-Feb-2017 05:53

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The most famous ones would be this 12 year old burger, the nearly 4 year old burger in this video, (The original video has been removed so I had to link to this one. A was kept in a container with a loose, non-tight lid that would allow plenty of air circulation.

Unfortunately it’s been uploaded by someone who hasn’t really gotten the point.) This experiment has been replicated by carrie at Stay Free! Her fries and burgers were stored in a plastic bin. Some might question why the Mc Donald’s fries and burger molded less than the diner equivalents. The burger is thinner, and so are the fries – which means that they are exposed to more heat per surface area – and that kills off more pathogens and reduces more of the water content. Pretty much the same conditions that all the old burgers have been kept in.

E la cosa più bella è stata proprio vedere le persone coinvolte raccontare questa verità».

Il ristorante, che da oggi si chiama Mc Donald’s Premium, si trova in Via Monte Grappa all’angolo con Via Rosales a Milano e resterà aperto al pubblico fino a fine maggio.

Ever heard of the old Mc Donald’s burgers people keep that never go bad? I’ll give you what I think is the most logical, fact based explanation, and I’m afraid it’s going to be devoid of any evil-meat-industry-conspiracy-theories and references to all those scary chemicals.

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