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In 1931, Gerda, after being devastated from the death of Lili, married the Italian officer, aviator and diplomat Major Fernando Porta, who was born in 1896 and ten years her junior, and moved with him to Morocco (specifically Marrakech and Casablanca).She continued to create art during this period, signing her paintings as 'Gerda Wegener Porta'.

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Gerda Marie Fredrikke Gottlieb (15 March 1886 – 28 July 1940) was a Danish fine-artist, illustrator and painter best known for erotica.

Her artwork largely contains images of fashionable women in the style of art nouveau and later art deco.

They traveled through Italy and France, eventually settling in Paris in 1912.

The couple immersed themselves in the Bohemian lifestyle of the time, befriending many artists, dancers and other figures from the artistic world.

Some reports claim she married Einar Wegener because they were both homosexuals, and they knew in order to find work at that time they needed to keep this a secret.

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