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He claimed to have been an associate or colleague (contubernalis) of the more famous historian Saxo (Saxo Grammaticus) (Compendiosa Regum Daniae Historia = HC ch.

10); to have witnessed the destruction of the fort of Wolin by Archbishop Absalon (ca. 8); and to have been present when the Pomeranian Slavs surrendered to King Knud VI in 1185 (HC ch. He knew Absalon, and admired the beauty of Valdemar I's wife, Queen Sophia, (HC ch.

The word contubernalis is ambiguous in this dispute; the other words, and the self-conscious literary stance, must weigh in favour of clerical status of some kind (see Composition and style).

His interest in secular law, his experience of warfare, and his admiration for heroic virtue were fully compatible with holy orders, as with Anders Sunesen (Andreas Sunonis), Archbishop Absalon, and Geoffrey of Monmouth, among many others. There was a school at Lund, and his uncle, Archbishop Eskil, had a nephew who was being educated at the Cistercian abbey of Esrum in 1161/62 (Saxo 436–37); not necessarily Sven himself.

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