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durch  |  24-Sep-2016 14:29

Then in the morning you decide if you want to be boyfriend and girlfriend.” This one-night stand culture is very difficult for foreigners to understand.One-night stands certainly take place in the US, but it is something unusual and embarassing, like making a lot of money in Denmark.I det følgende kan du læse mere om både store og små dating sider, i Vallensbæk og i verden.

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The local council in Vallensbæk consists of 15 members. Vallensbæk's most notable church is Vallensbæk Church which dates from the second half of the 12th century.

It then consisted of a Romanesque chancel and nave, built in chalk ashlar.

My grandparents once told me that they met outside a Depression-era dance hall, since my unemployed grandmother didn’t have the 10 cents necessary to get in, but maybe I just didn’t hear the whole story. Here is what I have learned: in Denmark, it is bad manners to ask a girl to dance, but it is good manners to get very drunk, make sure she is drunk too, and ask her to come back to your place.

She will quite likely say yes, if only in a misguided audition for the role of girlfriend, leaving you both a little sad and bitter the next morning.

Long ago, before I ever thought of living here, a Danish woman told me that her country was a place with a lot of sex but not very much love.

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