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Culturally outmoded and ageist ideas are no longer valid or represent the mid-lifers of today,” Ludwig said.While natural changes in one’s health do occur over time — like menopause, impotence, wrinkles — that doesn’t stop 50-plus singles from being open-minded and ready and willing for love.

5 UNEXPECTED BENEFITS OF DATING A YOUNGER PARTNER Myth: People age 50 and older aren’t looking to commit.

Truth: While this age group is open to having casual fun and may just be looking for companionship, there are those that still like the idea of marriage.

Truth: The Our Time survey suggested 63 percent of people over 50 are more confident now than they were in their 20s.

And, 25 percent say they have a much better outlook on life.

Robi Ludwig, relationship expert, author of “Your Best Age is Now,” and spokeswoman for Our Time, the dating site that conducted the survey, told Fox News. “This [myth] definitely is not the case according to 50 percent of them, which is a good thing because having sex-positive attitudes and having a satisfying sex life is one of the most important ways we can continue to feel young,” Ludwig said. “Many 50-and-over-singles are open to having a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship and even dating multiple people at a time.” Myth: People 50 and older have too much “baggage.” Truth: What some consider “baggage" — like children or divorce — others may consider a package deal or simply rich life experience.

Dating 50 Tårnby

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