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Comwell Sønderborg omfatter en indendørs pool og et fitnesscenter. Særlige ønsker afhænger af tilgængelighed ved indtjekning og kan medføre ekstra gebyrer. Kun førerhunde er tilladt Reservationer er påkrævet for massagebehandlinger.

Dette hotel kan blandt andet tilbyde sine gæster en restaurant på stedet. Reservationer kan foretages ved at kontakte dette hotel inden ankomst via kontaktoplysningerne i reservationsbekræftelsen.

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At SØBO we aim to be able to offer all forms of housing, and we have a wide range of family homes in apartment blocks and terraced units, homes for the elderly in suitable locations and set amid pleasant surroundings, in the center of town. SØBO’s management is based at Sundsmarkvej 14, where a dedicated team ensures that the board's decisions are implemented, while helping our many tenants and members with lettings, repairs and other housing servicing.

Our properties are subject to an official code of practice.

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We have been doing our best to fulfill this aim for more than 60 years in close cooperation with Sønderborg Municipality.

Sønderborg castle is in the centre of the town, and houses a museum focusing on the history and culture of the area. Sandbjerg Estate, which had belonged for many years to the Dukes of Sønderborg, and then to the Reventlow family, was donated to Aarhus University in 1954.

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